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I started in florals as a child in love with garden flowers & I have been designing full-time since 2009. I have enjoyed working in a variety of studios & flower shops across North America, gaining experience & exposure as I went. I see the world of floral design through asymmetrical glasses & I view each design as very unique piece. I have had training in a wide range of design styles & occasions throughout my years of freelancing.


Growing up in the wilderness of Northern Ontario has greatly influenced my design style. I think that evergreens are beautiful in all seasons & I love to use floral design to express the beauty of nature that I see all around me. Natural & seasonal speak to me but I adjust my design style to whatever style is desired for the occasion. I love working with other designers & creating something special as a team. It inspires me to see how other people have found their place in the floral industry & I'm always anxious to learn something new.


I offer intentional hands & a trained eye to businesses in need of seasoned help. 

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